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Here you are at my small village of photos and pictures.

I'm a person that loves the photography so much. And for one student who interested in IT and computing stuff, I just want to take photos and keep them in one box, against time passing by. Time will never be back, but an image of one only little smile or one feeling face will last forever...

I always think about taking pictures, every times. And whenever I have time to go out, I think about my camera, "whether if I could take him with me or not …"

I'm not a professional in photo and will still be so far to be as good as they do. But thinking, that would be very happy for me to share with friends and others some moments that made me love, sad or dying into, I make this little album then ...

Uhm, and maybe I can just do something that friends can kill their free-time by viewing photos ? It sounds good for me too.

You can view my album by clicking on the left pic , and viewing in full screen will be best…

Hope you enjoy your stay here in my colorful land. I'd love to hearing from you.

Photo is also your emotions, right?


VU Hung (Huno)



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